Fullstack developer using
Node and React

development toolset.

React, GraphQL, and Node (development)

After working with Ruby on Rails for several years I gradually started to migrate more and more to Node backends due to its performance edge and universality. Using JS for Node service architectures as well as React for optimized interfaces with GraphQL facilitating data transportation between the two works very seemlessly. Plus front end data stores like Apollo add that awesome extra boost to it all.

Functional Programming, and Jest (testing and theory)

In general I try to keep code I write to very small methods that minimize side effects so that unit test testing isnt really very necessary, however I do architect most features by writing integration tests to properly setup all GQL queries and services in advance. My tool of choice for testing is Jest from those awesome minds at Facebook. I try to implement a healthy mix of imperative and functional coding styles where each is appropiate, simple, and readable.

Sequelize with Postgres and Mongo (databases)

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system and Mongo is a NoSQL document store, containing many different key-value pairs, or even nested documents. Two drastically different approaches to deal with data, each with pros and cons.

Flow, Webpack and Ruby on Rails (utils and extra talents)

The amount of times simple utils like Flow have reminded me about annotations or to check for a possible null value to prevent a critical failure is crazy when I really think about it. So many small utilities turn out to save so much time in the long run. Another such util it would be hard to imagine not having are build systems like Webpack. The evolution of build systems has been a fun adventure to follow, from Grunt... to Gulp... to Webpack.

About Me

My Beginnings

I created my first website in 1994, at the age of 13, and soon developed a focus on the user experience, or “usability,” aspects of web development. I am largely self taught, with a strong work ethic, and over the past 20 years have gained practical experience with all sorts of languages, building my first web application in ASP.NET.

My Recent History

I got started with Ruby on Rails in 2007, creating many different projects over the years. In 2009, I helped build a social network using PHP and pure Javascript (no libraries, no jQuery) called Miio (github for Miio). Most recently I have created and maintained 5 full RoR applications at W+R Studios, along with prototyping proof of concepts for many major features using small Node/Express apps in order to get feedback. My last project at W+R Studios was Cloud MLX which won the 2016 Innovative Technology Award (from Inman) . My current contract is building an app for event based professionals. Its a RoR back end matched with a React/Redux front end.

My Future

I'm looking for an opportunity to work in an environment of aspirational projects and productive expectations. I enjoy working with small teams, in collaborative efforts with others who are productive, proud of their work, and committed to excellence. I appreciate working with team players that are open minded.


  • W+R Studios (2011 - 2016)

    Over the span of several years I assisted in maintaining and launching 4 SAAS/Rails projects within a small, agile team for the real estate industry. Most recently creating a custom front end framework to consume a Rails JSON API.


    "Derek Rush was the first developer hired by W+R Studios. From the beginning Derek has shown great vision with our flagship product and contributed to many favorable enhancements. Derek has also been instrumental contributing to the development of two additional products with key innovations that separates us from the competition. Derek is a strong collaborator with fellow teammates and has mentored new developers along the way. If you are considering adding to your team Derek is a proven asset every successful company should have." ~ Gary McDaniel - Director of Member Services, W+R Studios

  • Foldera (2001 - 2007)

    Co-founded a software company that was aimed to improve project management and collaboration. My role was Lead Designer/Usability Engineer.

Recent Projects


Created this online service to facilitate real estate agents being able to order aerial photographs and videos of properties for marketing residential homes. Basically this service acts as a job board for licensed drone pilots to find local filming opportunities for fast cash do what they love. This site was built with Node and React, and powered by GraphQL and PostgreSQL.

This project also takes full advantange of some great API's to handle a lot of heavy lifting like video transcoding, payment processing and file storage.

Cloud MLX

Built a front end framework to search MLS's through a natural language search feature. Using complex Regex patterns we use autocomplete to match records and display results as the user enters search criteria. We achieve this by leveraging the performance of JS's non-blocking asynchronous nature, which is able to query multiple data sources at once. Our very small team beat massive companies to win.

The Brain Factory

The Brain Factory specializes in immersive entertainment, and is the company responsible for the Haunters documentary. Nothing that comes out of the Brain Factory is quite what you expect, from horror and VR, to 3D and publishing, its all high octane fun.


This fun little project was a simple promotional website for a recently released documentary named "Haunters: The Art of the Scare". The main objective of this site was to keep fans of extreme haunts up to date on events and news surrounding all things horror. Check this movie out if you get the opportunity.

Cloud CMA

My first project at W+R Studios was an online comparative market analysis (CMA) report generator for real estate agents. My first big edit was to rewrite all prototype.js code in jQuery. I was able to add many features over time, such as the "Whats your home worth?" lead capturer and the very experimental bookmarklet which would generate CMA's through our API from other MLS systems results (this feature eventually got rolled into MLX). I also built the iPad version of Cloud CMA.

Blog: Whats your home worth

Cloud Streams

Cloud Streams delivers property alerts via email or SMS in lightning speed. The app allows real estate agents or their clients to set the criteria for homes they’re interested in being notified about. One of the many awesome features about this application is it’s performance. Cloud Streams alerts were proven to be sent out faster than Zillow, Redfin, and many more. This was due to leveraging the power of Elasticsearch and delivery services like Twilio and SendGrid.